Beneath the Page

“Beneath the page is another story. Beneath the page is everything that has ever happened, most of which you would rather not hear about.
The page is not a pool but a skin, a skin is there to hold in and it can feel you touching it. Did you really think it would just lie there and do nothing?”
‘The Page’
Margaret Atwood


10 thoughts on “Beneath the Page

  1. Hello:
    “And if I had to choose my arrest warrant, it would be for something important, like chaining myself to a tree that was on a clear-cut chopping block.
    Everything else is irrelevant.
    I am frequently irreverent.
    And I’m Canadian.” About page
    Love it. Good question that — I have considered locked tree-hugging; being a squatter in a historic building/park that is being demolished; and well, some I don’t think I should share on a “public forum.”
    Atwood has a way of slipping words into a silver stream of light.

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    1. she does indeed – she minces no words and I’ve always found slices into the heart of the matter, and serves it up on a platter, in the Light, for us to savour –

      I can’t stand writing “about” pages … it’s always a task to hand, what is important? I ask and can never find answers –


      1. No. Not the series. But the first movie that was produced years after the book. And it was chilling. The series is rather popular – apparently very well done. And given the nature of the book’s ending, which is rather “open” – and the series wide acclaim, Atwood is now writing the “conclusion” – the “second part.”


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