the featured image: The Veil Nebula, located about 2,100 light-years from Earth in the constellation of Cygnus, is a supernova remnant from a star that would have had 20 times the mass of the Sun.(Credit: NASA/ESA/Hubble Heritage Team)


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why Einstein?

– if I had to hang out, in some far flung nebulae, some might call it heaven, I’d want to sit with him, and just _ Absorb the energies

I’d be content to host a party, with the spirits of Gandhi, Anaïs Nin, James Morrison, Van Gogh, Gertrude Stein, Jung, (Freud would be a nagging tag-along, I suppose), Charles Bukowski, Hunter S. Thompson, Louise Bourgeois, David Bowie, Alberto Giacometti, George Carlin, Douglas Adams, Leonard Cohen, Bach, Ravel, et. al.
and Christo (Vladimirov Javacheff) [at this writing, he’s still alive].

this space:

The Well of Lost Plots became BackPocket Poems – because things change, evolve, contract and expand ~ as does my mind. 


– as my gravatar suggests: I actually DO live in the woods, in the wilderness, with the wolves, when they deign to grace the surrounds –
I LOVE language and words – obviously.
I have several “invisible” injuries + deal with chronic pain daily.
Words keep me from criminal acts – mostly; I suspect imaginative acting out is NOT an offense.
And if I had to choose my arrest warrant, it would be for something important, like chaining myself to a tree that was on a clear-cut chopping block.
Everything else is irrelevant.
I am frequently irreverent.
And I’m Canadian.

– and as Douglas Adams knew, the answer IS 42 — what more do you need to know?

June 2019
the well of lost …
and found – socks, plots, buckets, brooms, spores, sprouts & the crescent moon, et al.