Carpe Diem #1697: placing the flute

I’m not old
all night my eyes have held
the ancient stars¹

listening to the heavens breathe
for my heart stirs in longing

days so complete
words become the calls of birds
the high tide wind¹

a red balloon for my lungs
exhaling bliss through my beak

dancing on the beach
I jab a stick into the sky
to break up the blue¹

sea-weed streamers plait my hair
my eyes laughing with the gulls

wind perfumed
from a woman’s shoulder
desert night¹

her name etched in hot sand
back-lit silver skin tracings

moon white water
lovers in the secret cove
Saturday night¹

salt-water taffy on the tongue
this misted bliss undressed now

placing the flute
against her lips something
slips into place¹

she is within my reach
my name is hers: Saudade –


©Backpocket Poems – Wildchild47

¹Haiku © Jane Reichhold

inspired by “summer love” Carpe Diem #1697 Renga With –  : placing the flute

if ever

if ever there is a moment deemed priceless
it comes as you shoulder a dragonfly
stepping into your next breath
unaware of its wings gently lifting
its unbearable lightness erasing your shadow 

©Backpocket Poems – Wildchild47